Erik Hoffmeyer

Mr. Erik Hoffmeyer, born in 1924, is a former Chairman of Danmarks Nationalbank's Board of Governors. Mr. Hoffmeyer was Chairman of the Board of Governors of Danmarks Nationalbank, from 1965 thru 1994; and Representative of Governor for Denmark to the IMF, during the same period. He first worked at Danmarks Nationalbank from 1951-1959, during that time he also was awarded a Rockefeller fellowship in 1954-1955. Mr. Hoffmeyer’s academic career began in 1956 as a lecturer in economics at the University of Copenhagen and from 1959-1962 he was Professor of Economics at the University.


Mr. Hoffmeyer has held many key roles in the international finance. He was the Chairman of the European Investment Bank from 1973 to1977. In addition, he served on the Committee of Governors of the Central Banks of the European Communities from 1973 to1993; due to his extraordinary tenure at his national central bank, he was elected Chairman of this Committee unprecedented three times, 1975-1976, 1979-1981, and 1991-1992. From 1975-1994 Mr. Hoffmeyer also served as Deputy Chairman of Danish Export Financial Corporation. Mr. Hoffmeyer chaired the Council of European Monetary Institute in 1994.


Mr. Hoffmeyer is the author of numerous publications, including “Dollar Shortage and the Structure of U.S. Foreign Trade” (1958); “Price Stability and Full Employment” (1960); “Structural Changes on the Money and Capital Markets” (1960); The Theory of Economic Welfare and the Welfare State” (1962); “Industrial Growth” (1963); “Monetary History of Denmark” (1968); “The International Monetary System” (1992); “Monetary Policy Issues” (1993); “Decision making for European Economic and Monetary Union” (2000). Mr. Hoffmeyer has also contributed to Nationaloekonomisk Tidsskrift and international economic journals.


Mr. Eric Hoffmeyer is a member of various organizations, including Danish Securities Council, 1996-2001; The Politiken-Foundation since 1996; President of Psychiatric Foundation since 1996; Laurits Andersen Foundation, 1982-1990. Mr. Hoffmeyer has chaired the Foundation for Trees and Environment Protection since 1979; has been a member of the Group of Thirty since 1984; a member of King Frederik VII Foundation since 1985, and the Chairman since 1987. Finally, Mr. Hoffmeyer has also chaired the Advisory Committee of Environmental Support Fund for Eastern European Countries since 1995.