Work Program

The Group of Thirty regularly establishes study groups to analyze issues of particular or systemic importance to the global financial markets. A study group's membership is broader than that of the Group of Thirty, comprising experts from specialized fields in economics, finance and academia. Study participants offer their analysis and recommendations for best practices going forward.

The Group's previous study groups have included topics on the reform of the International Monetary Fund, financial reform, regulatory supervision and greater accounting standards.

For a full list of the special reports, occasional papers, and lectures distributed by the Group of Thirty, visit our Publication Page.

Latest Projects

Working Group on Shadow Banking and Market Finance
The Group of Thirty will commence a study on shadow banking and sustainable market finance in December of this year. The Steering Committee will be led by Adair_Turner as chairman, with Jacques_de_Larosière and Masaaki_Shirakawa serving as vice chairs. The study will focus on identifying how shandow banking risks are evolving and the appropriate policies required to encourage sustainable market finance. We expect the results to be published in 2015.

If you have any questions about the Working Group please contact the G30 office.


Steering Committee Chair:

Lord Adair Turner

Recent Special Report

Fundamentals of Central Banking
In October of 2015, the Group released its latest report on central banking. The study, The Fundamentals of Central Banking: Lessons from the Crisis, looks at the wide ranging institutional and policy challenges facing the central banking community following their extraordinary responses to the 2008-09 crisis. Among other things, central bank independence is under increasing pressure, and the report aims to find ways to ensure central banking effectiveness for the long-term. The Steering Committee is composed of Jacob_Frenkel (chair), Arminio_Fraga, and Axel_Weber.

Publication News

  • New G30 Annual Report
  • The 2012-2013 Annual Report covers the Group's activities during fiscal years 2012 and 2013, which comprises July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2013. The Sections include a full membership list, as well as a description of the G30's meetings, events, and publications.

Recent G30 Reports

  • Fundamentals of Central Banking: Lessons from the Crisis
  • This major study surveys the history of central banking, focusing on evolving role of central banking, and assesses how policies and practices have shifted in response to the 2007-2009 Global Financial Crisis. The report identifies three continuing core principles for central banking and ten observations on how central banks must adjust their roles going forward to better prevent and address future crises.
  • Banking Conduct and Culture: A Call for Sustained and Comprehensive Reform
  • This study expands on the role of conduct and culture in the governance of the world’s largest financial institutions. The report identifies shortcomings but also good practice in promoting and maintaining a strong banking culture, making a series of recommendations that can be drawn upon by leaders as they seek to address culture in their firms.

Recent Occasional Papers

  • The Digital Revolution in Banking
  • Gail Kelly, CEO and Managing Director of Westpac, looks at the important, developing relationship between financial services and techonology.