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Special Report

Global Clearing and Settlement: Final Monitoring Report

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Author(s): G30 Working Group
Year: 2006
Pages: 52
ISBN: 1-56708-133-9

This final report presents the assessment by the Group of Thirty’s Global Monitoring Committee of developments in the clearing and settlement arena since the publication of the G30 report, Global Clearing and Settlement: A Plan of Action, in January 2003. The report identifies places where progress is being made as well as areas where little or no progress is apparent.  The G30 concludes that a great deal has already been achieved, but many recommendations require further work.  The report notes that the clearing and settlement objectives and goals set out only three years ago remain achievable and, in many cases, are already being progressively implemented.  It underscores that the improved infrastructure that would result from full implementation of the G30 recommendations would help enhance confidence in the markets themselves and ensure that the vision of a safer, more efficient global clearing and settlement system can be brought to fruition.

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