Work Program

The Group regularly launches study groups to analyze topics of particular or systemic importance to central banks, supervisors, financial firms, and participants in global financial markets. Each study group's leadership and membership is drawn from the G30 membership, but the teams can be broader than that of the Group, including experts from specialized fields in economics, finance and academia. Study participants work together to offer actionable solutions, policy recommendations, and examples of best practices in the area being studied. 

Current Projects

Working Group on Monetary Policy

Photo of Steering Committee Member

Axel Weber, Steering Committee Chair

Photo of Steering Committee Member

Raghuram Rajan, Steering Committee Chair

Photo of Steering Committee Member

Jacob Frenkel, Steering Committee Chair

The Group of Thirty has launched a study on monetary policy and central banking led by Jacob FrenkelRaghuram Rajan, and Axel Weber

The project will address key questions including why inflation was persistently low for such a long time, despite the invention of numerous conventional and unconventional policy tools; which policy measures were effective, which didn’t work and which ones ultimately limited policy space in the current juncture; and will consider the main political trade-offs and policy choices available. The study will spell out some common principles but will also devote particular attention to the specificities of various economic areas like for the US, Europe, Japan, and emerging economies.

Working Group on 2023 Banking Crisis

Photo of Steering Committee Member

William C. Dudley, Steering Committee Chair

The Group of Thirty has launched a study examining lessons from the 2023 Bank Failures led by led by led by William C. Dudley, Former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. 

Formed in response to the bank collapses in the U.S. and Europe, the project will consider a series of changes and policies for supervisors and regulators. The Working Group is comprised of a number of G30 members, including former central bank governors, regulators, academics, and former bank CEOs and Chairs.