Work Program

The Group regularly launches study groups to analyze topics of particular or systemic importance to central banks, supervisors, financial firms, and participants in global financial markets. Each study group's leadership and membership is drawn from the G30 membership, but the teams can be broader than that of the Group, including experts from specialized fields in economics, finance and academia. Study participants work together to offer actionable solutions, policy recommendations, and examples of best practices in the area being studied. The Group's previous study groups have included topics on the reform of the International Monetary Fund, financial reform, regulatory supervision and greater accounting standards.

Current Projects

Working Group on Pension Funds

Photo of Steering Committee Chair

Adair Turner, Steering Committee Chair

The G30 has commenced a new project on pension funds sustainability. The project will be led by Steering Committee chair Adair Turner, and vice chairs Gerd Häusler and Tharman Shanmugaratnam.  

The project will focus on challenges facing the pension funds industry and the recommended practices, approaches, and actions needed to address the challenges. We aim to release this report in the fall of 2019.