G30 Members in the News

Members of the Group of Thirty are engaged in a wide variety of financial and economic issues, frequently offering their perspectives, ideas, and solutions. Below is a list of articles and interviews that G30 members have contributed in their personal capacities.

January, 2023

Paul Krugman:

(Jan 31) Stagflation or Soft Landing? It Depends Who You Ask.

(Jan 30) Will Americans Even Notice an Improving Economy?

(Jan 27) Wonking Out: Inflation and the Imputation Game

(Jan 24) Does America Have Too Much Debt?

(Jan 23) Please Don’t Feed the Debt Scolds

(Jan 10) Can We Really Have a Soft Landing?

(Jan 6) The Football Game Theory of Inflation

(Jan 3) What the Ukraine War Teaches Us About Military Power and Economics

Kenneth Rogoff:

(Jan 31) Too Soon for Global Optimism

(Jan 16) Interview: China has come to the end of its growth model

(Jan 2) The Looming Financial Contagion

Lawrence Summers:

(Jan 30) How the global Pandemic Fund can live up to its great potential

(Jan 27) Summers on GDP Growth

(Jan 20) Interview: Lawrence Summers on The Debt Limit and a Soft Landing; Summit

(Jan 18) Interview: Larry Summers on US Economy, Debt Ceiling, China, Inflation; Summit

(Jan 9) Interview: What Summers Wants to See Out Of 'Three Amigos' Summit

(Jan 6) Interview: Larry Summers Sees 'Tumult' in 2023 With Reckoning For Bond Market

Stuart P. Mackintosh:

(Jan 28) China must look beyond short-term recovery to focus on its long-term economic transformation

Mohamed A. El-Erian:

(Jan 26) Why the Fed Should Raise Rates by Half a Percent

(Jan 24) Why passive investing makes less sense in the current environment

(Jan 17) Buoyant Markets Need to Keep an Eye on Four Risk Factors

(Jan 8) We need to pay more attention to misaligned economic signals

Jason Furman:

(Jan 26) Transcript: The Path Forward: The Debt Ceiling with Jason Furman

(Jan 18) Interview: A political standoff over the debt ceiling could harm the U.S. economy

(Jan 11) Interview: Recession, Inflation, or Soft Landing

William Dudley:

(Jan 25) Crypto Is Worth Fixing. Regulators Should Get Moving

(Jan 18) Do Away With a Debt Ceiling That Holds No Purpose

(Jan 3) What Could Go Wrong For the Federal Reserve in 2023

Raghuram Rajan:

(Jan 24) Will the Fed Overdo It?

(Jan 17) Interview: Raghuram Rajan highlights problem of overinvestment in chips

(Jan 9)  Central banks can’t win when it comes to credibility on inflation

Janet Yellen:

(Jan 21) A Conversation with Janet L. Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America

(Jan 2) Why the US won't chase the cheapest supply chains

Klaas Knot:

(Jan 19) Interview: Outlook for the EU's monetary policy

William R Rhodes and Stuart P. Mackintosh:

(Jan 11) Debt fixes can help rebuild Ukraine

Helene Ray:

(Jan 9) The Fiscal Consequences of Missing an Inflation Target

Carmen Reinhart:

(Jan 5) Interview: Debt hampers fight against global inflation


December, 2022

William Dudley:

(Dec 21) Investors would be better off believing the fed

Lawrence Summers:

(Dec 19) What the fed should do next on inflation

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala:

(Dec 16) Structured Discussions on Investment Facilitation for Development

Raghuram Rajan:

(Dec 15) A Candid Conversation with Raghuram Rajan on Next-Gen Revolutions & India's Economy

Janet Yellen:

(Dec 12) Resilient Trade

(Dec 14) Biden Has the Economy Back on Track

Mark Carney:

(Dec 13) COP 15 Speech, The Unbearable Lightness of Beings

Carmen Reinhart:

(Dec 12) Will Central Banks Do What It Takes

Mohamed A. El-Erian:

(Dec 9) Three Signals We've Entered a New Economic Era

Agustin Carstens:

(Dec 7) Chinese yuan playing ‘complementary’ role in interbank settlement, but CIPS won’t rival Swift, says global central bank boss

Mervyn King:

(Dec 7) British optimism on Italian growth. The former governor of the Bank of England speaks

Haruhiko Kuroda:

(Dec 2)  Keynote speech - ASEAN+3 Economic Cooperation and Financial Stability Forum

Paul Krugman:

(Dec 26) Is The Inflation Storm Letting Up?

(Dec 6) Does ChatGPT Mean Robots Are Coming For the Skilled Jobs?

(Dec 2) When Should We Declare Victory Over Inflation?

(Dec 1) Blockchains, What Are They Good For?


November, 2022

John C. Williams:

(Nov 29)  Peeling the inflation onion

(Nov 16)  A Jack of All Trades Is a Master of None

(Nov 9)  A steady anchor in a stormy sea

Bill Dudley:

(Nov 28) The Fed Shouldn’t Raise Its Inflation Target

(Nov 15) What If the Fed’s Own Forecasts Are Wrong?

Kenneth Rogoff:

(Nov 25) Will Crypto Survive

(Nov 8) Inflation & The Future of Currency

Mohamed A. El-Erian:

(Nov 28) The consensus forecast on recession risks complacency

(Nov 22) Not Just Another Recession: Why the Global Economy May Never Be the Same

(Nov 18) Hunt’s plan may please the markets, but austerity without real growth would be fatal

(Nov 14) Central Banks Get a Breather But Can’t Afford to Rest

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala:

(Nov 23) The Multilateral Trading System in a Changing World: De-globalization or Re-globalization?

(Nov 7) Decoupling is not the answer to climate crisis

Yi Gang:

(Nov 21) Remarks - Financial Street Forum 2022

Agustín Carstens:

(Nov 20) Central banks in the Americas: steadfast in the face of a global shock

Raghuram G. Rajan:

(Nov 18) Deglobalization Is a Climate Threat

Klaas Knot:

(Nov 18) In resolute pursuit of price stability

(Nov 11) Inflation strikes back - drivers and policy reactions

Arminio Fraga:

(Nov 17) Will the stock market fall? Increase the dollar? Patience? with Pedro Malan and Edmar Bacha

Haruhiko Kuroda:

(Nov 11) The Bank's Semiannual Report on Currency and Monetary Control

Daron Acemoglu:

(Nov 10) What Do the Midterms Mean?

Paul Krugman:

(Nov 29) Does Inflation Disproportionately Hurt the Poor?

(Nov 28) How China Lost the Covid War

(Nov 22) A Different Kind of Kitchen-Table Economics

(Nov 21) How Democrats Can Fight This G.O.P.

(Nov 18) Why Interest Rates (Probably) Won’t Stay High

(Nov 17) Is This the End Game for Crypto?

(Nov 15) Nobody Cares About Biden's Energy Policy. Great!

(Nov 14) Trump Is Weak, but the G.O.P. Is Weaker

(Nov 11) Demand, Discombobulation and Prices

(Nov 10) Two Cheers for the Biden Economy

(Nov 7) Is Divided Government Good? Don’t Take Elon’s Word for It.

(Nov 7) A MAGA America Would Be Ugly

(Nov 4) Stealing Away the Golden Years of the Working Class

(Nov 3) The G.O.P. Plot Against Medicare and Social Security

(Nov 1) A Nation of Quitters


October, 2022

Yi Gang:

(Oct 31) Speech - Hong Kong FinTech Week 2022

Mohamed A. El-Erian:

(Oct 31) The Fed Should Think in Terms of a Trilemma

(Oct 24) How Front-Loading Rate Hikes Risks Financial Instability

(Oct 17) UK Needs to Do More to Restore Stability and Growth

(Oct 13) UK Turmoil Spawns the Return of Bond Vigilantes

(Oct 3) A Shocking Ten Days for the UK

Kenneth Rogoff:

(Oct 31) China's Diminishing Returns

(Oct 27) The Age of Inflation

Lawrence Summers:

(Oct 31)  Curbing inflation comes first, but we can’t stop there

(Oct 10) A New Chance for the World Bank

(Oct 6) The destabilisation wrought by British errors will not be confined to Britain

(Oct 5) IMF-World Bank meetings are the last stop before a coming economic storm

Daron Acemoglu:

(Oct 28) China’s Economy Is Rotting from the Head

(Oct 26) Ethics in AI Colloquium

(Oct 4) Why Businesses Misbehave

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala:

(Oct 21) Fixing the Food Trade

Roger W. Ferguson Jr.:

(Oct 11) Renewing American by Improving College Completion Rates

Klaas Knot:

(Oct 10) Policy Responses in a pandemic-and conflict-impacted world

Arminio Fraga:

(Oct 10) Interview with Lula by telepathy

Bill Dudley:

(Oct 10) The Federal Reserve Owes the World a Mea Culpa

Raghuram Rajan:

(Oct 7) Where Has All the Liquidity Gone?

Jason Furman:

(Oct 5) The Fed Has to Stay the Course Against Inflation

(Oct 4) The Trussonomics Warning

Mark Carney:

(Oct 3)  The U.K. tax cuts: With one foot on the brakes, it’s foolish to stomp on the gas

John C. Williams:

(Oct 3)  A bedrock commitment to price stability

Paul Krugman:

(Oct 20) Will Gas Prices Doom Democracy?

(Oct 18) Liz Truss in the Libertarian Wilderness

(Oct 17) Preparing for Republican Debt Blackmail

(Oct 14) What's Really Happening to Inflation?

(Oct 13) When Trade Becomes a Weapon

(Oct 11) A Nobel Prize for the Economics of Panic

(Oct 7) A Job Survey Full of Good News

(Oct 6) Tracking the Coming Economic Storm

(Oct 4) Is the Era of Low Interest Rates Over?

(Oct 3) How Liz Truss Did So Much Damage in So Few Days


September, 2022

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala:

(Sept 27) The Trade Agenda Today

Gita Gopinath:

(Sept 30) The risk of a global recession is increasing

(Sept 27) Gender Equality Boosts Economic Growth and Stability

Haruhiko Kuroda:

(Sept 26) Haruhiko Kuroda: Japan's economy and monetary policy

Janet Yellen:

(Sept 22) Economic Growth Is Essential. So Is Resilience.

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala:

(Sept 22) The role of trade in improving the lives of girls and women

Paul Krugman:

(Sept 26) Why Zombie Reagonomics Still Rules the GOP

(Sept 23) The Tax-Cut Zombie Attacks Britain

(Sept 22) War, Inflation and Squandered Credibility

(Sept 16) What Ukraine Needs From Us

(Sept 15) Who’s Afraid of the Consumer Price Index?

(Sept 9) The Mysteries of the Almighty Dollar

(Sept 8) Wartime Economics Comes to Europe

(Sept 5) Has Bidenomics Been Good for Workers?

Mohamed A. El-Erian:

(Sept 26) The Kwarteng plan puts at risk the very poorest people in the UK – and growth

(Sept 26) Why Investors Are Facing Even More Market Instability

(Sept 21) Opinion: Many have lost faith in the Fed. Will it be able to win our trust again?

(Sept 15) The rollercoaster ahead for the economy and investors

(Sept 5) A Surging Dollar is a Mixed Blessing for the US

Jason Furman:

(Sept 7) Inflation and the Scariest Economics Paper of 2022

(Sept 2) A Tight US Labor Market Stays Tight

Raghuram Rajan:

(Sept 11) Do incentives for 'making in India' work for India?

Klass Knot

(Sept 26) Klaas Knot: Spreading our wings. How monetary and fiscal policy can fight inflation

(Sept 9) From thaler to tackle. On how to lift us out of the current crises

Bill Dudley:

(Sept 8) The Fed Has Learned Its Money-Market Lessons

Daron Acemoglu:

(Sept 1) The End of Real Social Networks

Kenneth Rogoff:

(Sept 1) Will the Dollar’s Surge End in Whiplash?


August, 2022

Raghuram Rajan:

(Aug 2) The Post-Inflation Economy That Could Be

Paul Krugman:

(Aug 2) Who's Embargoing Whom?

(Aug 5) Wonking Out: The Meaning of Falling Inflation

(Aug 11) Was There a Biden Boom?

(Aug 22) Of Dictators and Trade Surpluses

Jason Furman:

(Aug 2) America's Wage-Price Persistence Must Be Stopped

(Aug 9) Record US productivity slump in first half of 2022 risks higher inflation and unemployment

(Aug 12) One Good Inflation Report Isn't Enough

Bill Dudley:

(Aug 1) Wishful Thinking Won’t Help the Fed Beat Inflation

(Aug 18) Powell Will Face a Tough Audience in Jackson Hole

Kenneth Rogoff:

(Aug 1) Fiscal Policy Should Return to Fundamentals

(Aug 9) Chess and Geopolitics in the Supercomputer Era

Mohamed A. El-Erian:

(Aug 1) Why Stocks Took a July Vacay From Fundamentals

(Aug 11) The better news on inflation must be sustained

(Aug 15) Fed Needs to Resist Opting Again for Quick and Easy

Daron Acemoglu:

(Aug 9) Why Taiwan Matters

William R. Rhodes:

(Aug 17) Avoiding the pain of China's housing crisis risks infecting the wider economy

Gita Gopinath:

(Aug 26) How Will the Pandemic and War Shape Future Monetary Policy?



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