The events hosted by the Group of Thirty are invitation-only forums in which very senior members of the banking, financial and regulatory community come together to discuss issues of common concern in off-the-record settings conducive to frank exchanges of views and positions.

International Banking Seminars

The Group of Thirty hosts an annual International Banking Seminar. The seminar takes place to coincide with the fall meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. The Seminar is an invitation-only, off-the-record forum that allows for frank discussion and debate of the thorniest issues confronting the central banking community. Each year the Seminar brings together over fifty percent of the world's central bank governors, the Chairmen and CEOs of the financial sector, and a select few academics to debate financial and systemic issues of global import.

Plenary Meetings

The Group of Thirty meets in plenary session twice a year. For your information we have included a list of the most recent plenary sessions and their hosts and locations.