The Group of Thirty enters the policy debate on important issues pertaining to international economics and finance through the publication of Reports and Occasional Papers.

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Special Report

Shadow Banking and Capital Markets: Risks and Opportunities

This study examines the proliferation of financial nonbank credit intermediation, also known as shadow banking. The study notes that unregulated or imperfectly regulated shadow banking activities, particularly those in China, undermines financial stability by way of unregulated banking structures that share similarities to the banking structures that led to the 2007-08 financial crisis in advanced economies. 

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Occasional Paper

Oil and the Global Economy

Abdlatif Al-Hamad and Philip Verleger, Jr. discuss the many challenges facing the oil industry and the global economy. Al-Hamad discusses the impacts of the current price cycle in the Middle East and North Africa region while Verleger discusses three forces that he believes “threaten to permanently transform the oil industry.” 

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